Power Shift - The Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy

I had the great experience of travelling to Oxford, England to serve as the antagonist for a case study written by Mary Johnstone-Louis, a doctoral student studying Business at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School.  I first met Mary during an International Trade Centre event in Mexico City.  She was fascinated by the work we were doing on behalf of the International Women in Coffee Alliance (IWCA) to help women in developing nations achieve greater benefit from their work in coffee.  Mary contacted me and expressed an interest and immediately began work on what is the now the most impressive case study written on this subject.  

We had the good fortune of having meeting British news reporter and television presenter, Justin Rowlatt.  Justin hosts a regular program on BBC called In the Balance.  We were thrilled that he dedicated one show to our cause, in which he aptly titled Harnessing the Power of Women.  

We were also joined by Pacita Juan (IWCA Philippines), Shirin Moayyad (IWCA), Desiree Logsdon (IWCA), Cherie Blair (founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women), Muna AbuSulayman (first Saudi UN Goodwill Ambassador), Wu Qing (founder, Beijing Cultural Development Centre for Rural Women), and a host of other participants.  Justin has a real gift for getting the most out of interview subjects.  

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