Angelic Organics Learning Center Making a Difference

What better way to spend a bright sunny spring morning than with a group of youth excited about opportunities to further their knowledge while changing the world. Antar Baker, Program Manager of Angelic Organics Learning Center is a phenomenal young man in the Rockford, IL community who is committed to helping our youth find a better path in life. With a fresh coat of bright green paint on the walls, Angelic Organics Learning Center provides the perfect backdrop for teaching all things sustainable. Antar, who happens to be a friend, is an avid drinker of African coffees, and often calls on me to talk to his youth groups about our company, travels, and life experiences. While he seems impressed with our work, the truth is, I'm always blown away by his work and the potential of the youth under his leadership.

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BD Imports Supports Bara Village Education, Training and Entertainment Center

ROCKFORD, Illinois – BD Imports Inc. today announced a donation to the Bara Village Education, Training and Entertainment Center. The Center is designed as a prototype facility offering critical life skills development opportunities for rural village citizens from both the student and adult communities. In addition, the Center will offer quality entertainment feature films to enhance the enjoyment of village life where 75% of Tanzania’s population reside and earn their living. The purpose of Center is to enhance the human experience, potential for development and skills acquisition opportunities for rural citizens in Tanzania, East Africa. Such objectives will be obtained through the visual presentation of educational and training films, documentaries, news programs and feature films in a village based learning facility.

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IWCA Welcomes Dominican Republic and Burundi to their Global Network of Empowering Women in Coffee

April 29, 2011 – Houston, Texas at the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) dinner held in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Association of America Conference, women leaders in coffee from Dominican Republic and Burundi signed Letters of Understanding to be recognized as IWCA chapters.

Ms. Marie Isabel Balbuena, President IWCA-Dominican Republic and Ms. Isabelle Sinamenye, President, IWCA-Burundi along with chapter members from their countries were honored by over one hundred guest representing IWCA established chapter members from Central and South America, volunteers, and supporters.

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Burundi - Women In Coffee

Phyllis Johnson, President of BD Imports, traveled to five East African coffee producing countries on behalf of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) sponsored by a grant from the International Trade Center’s Women in Trade Programme.  The objective of the trip was to offer continued support in establishing IWCA (International Women in Coffee) chapters in East Africa.  The work began in 2009 with IWCA hosting its first women in coffee workshop.  In 2010, women in Burundi are making significant strides in advancing efforts toward empowering women in coffee.  Read More to watch the video.

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