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Since 1999

BD Imports

BD Imports was founded by Phyllis & Patrick Johnson in 1999, a socially responsible green coffee importing company that builds relationships on respect and transparency. Through its partnerships, BD Imports is equipped to supply small to large coffee roasting companies based on their quality needs. Our family-owned and operated business is the connector of people, places, and great coffees. BD Imports is known for its work on gender equity and giving a start to women in coffee-producing countries. Our company prides itself on its advocacy and action on gender and racial equity, BD Imports founder, Phyllis Johnson recently founded the Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity, a non for profit focused on building racial equity within the industry.

Maya Johnson

Global Marketing Director for BD Imports

Maya Johnson is the Global Marketing Director for BD Imports. Representing the second generation of a green coffee importing company. She’s at the forefront of building marketing programs to help support customer needs. She’s instrumental in connecting the stories from coffee producers around the world to clients in a meaningful and authentic way.

Maya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University. Her interest in developing international experiences comes from meeting with farmers in Guatemala and the indigenous people of Jamaica. Her vision for marketing and storytelling is one that uplifts and values all parts of the supply stream.

Phyllis Johnson

Co-founder and President of BD Imports

Phyllis Johnson is the co-founder and President of BD Imports. She holds long-standing relationships with coffee producers throughout East Africa and Latin America ensuring the diverse needs of the company’s clients. As an entrepreneur, she understands the needs of small business owners and adds great value to those who are new to coffee. In addition to operating BD Imports, Phyllis has always shared her time and talents with important social challenges.

Phyllis helped to lead the women in coffee empowerment movement and has led initiatives around the globe helping to ensure that women are acknowledged and paid for their work. She was instrumental in leading the formation of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance chapters in East Africa. She has consulted for the United Nations International Trade Centre and spoken at the World Trade Organizations and United Nations on the need to include the voices of women. Her work has been the subject case studies taught at Oxford University and Harvard Business School.

Phyllis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. She is the recipient of the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School Barbara Jordan Award for Women’s Leadership. In 2020 she founded The Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity, a not-for-profit that addresses the lack of participation and opportunities for Black Americans in coffee.

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